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Quality Socket Screw Manufacturing Corporation - StandardsQuality Socket Screw Manufacturing Corporation - Standards


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About Quality Socket Screw

Established in 1971, Quality Socket Screw Manufacturing Corporation has a longstanding reputation for providing its customers with a vast variety of specialty fasteners and short run products made to custom specifications.

As a second generation, family run business, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the precision parts they require. For over 45 years, we’ve supplied parts to every type of industry on the globe — Aerospace, Nautical, Engineering, Power Gen, Automobile/Trucking, Military, Oil & Gas to name a few.

Not only do we maintain inventoried stock in many specialty sizes and materials, but we specialize in short runs with no minimums. We are ISO compliant as well as QSLM certified and offer complete traceability from start to finish.

Our competitive pricing and ability to provide you with the fast delivery you require is what has given Quality Socket Screw Manufacturing Corporation its edge for the last 45 years. Quality isn’t just our name, it’s our business.

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