Quality Socket | MS Fasteners
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MS Fasteners

MS Standards

MS9300 MS24000
MS9303-9312 Drilled and Undrilled Shouldered Hex Stud MS24127 Plain Hexagon Nut
MS9356-9357 Plain Hexagon Nut MS24667-24672 Cap Socket Head Flat Countersunk Screw
MS9358-9359 Castellated Hexagon Nut MS24673-24678 Drilled Hexagon Cap Socket Head Screw
MS9361-9362 Plain Hexagon Nut MS35000
MS9389-9390 Dowel Pin MS35289-35314 Finished Hexagon Head Cap Screw
MS16000 MS35455-35461 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw
MS16187 Full Thread Studs MS35810 Clevis Headed Pin
MS16203 Jam and Finished Plain Hexagon Nuts MS45000
MS16205 Machine Semi-Finished Hex Head Bolt MS45905 Left Hand Hexagon Plain Nut
MS16206 Machine Hex Head Semi Finished Bolt MS51000
MS16211 Plain Square Nut MS51017-51052 Hexagon Socket Set Screws
MS16637-16638 Hexagon Socket Shoulder Screw MS21053 Spline Socket Set Screws
MS16994 Plain Knurled Nut MS51054 Cup Point Square Head Set Screws
MS16995-16998 Hexagon Socket Cap Screws MS51056-51060 Slotted Set Screw
MS17000 MS51093-51102 Drilled Head Hexagon Head Cap Screw
MS17293-17303 Stepped Stud MS51102-51112 Drilled Shank Head Hexagon Head Cap Screw
MS18063-18064 Hex Socket Self-locking Set Screw MS51575 Slotted Shoulder Screw
MS18065-18066 Hex Socket Self-locking Set Screw MS51576 Socket Head Shoulder Screw
MS18067-18068 Hex Socket Self-locking Set Screw MS51975 Socket Head Shoulder Screw
MS21000 MS90000
MS21262 Self-locking Socket Head Cap Screw MS90725 Hexagon Head Cap Screw
MS21295 Self-locking Socket Head Cap Screw MS90726 Hexagon Head Cap Screw
MS21301 Shoulder Hex and Spline Socket Bolt MS90727 Hexagon Head Cap Screw
MS21304 Plain Square Nut MS90728 Hexagon Head Cap Screw

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