Quality Socket | NAS Fasteners
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NAS Fasteners

NAS Standards

NAS100 NAS1000
NAS139-140 Coarse and Fine Thread Studs NAS1003-1020 Machine Hexagon Head Bolt
NAS144-158 Internal Wrenching Bolt NAS1081 Hex Socket Self-lcoking Set Screw
NAS172-176 Internal Wrenching Bolt NAS1083-1088 Close Tolerance 100 Flat Head Bolt
NAS183-184 Coarse and Fine Thread Studs NAS1096 Recessed Hex Head Screw
NAS500 NAS1100
NAS501 Drilled and Undrilled Hex Head Bolt NAS1103-1120 Close Tolerance Hex Head Bolt
NAS563-572 Bolt, Full Thread, Indented Head, Drilled Head NAS1200
NAS600 NAS1297-1299 Shoulder Bolt
NAS653-658 Drilled Close Tolerance Hexagon Head Bolt NAS1300
673-678 Hexagon Head Bolt NAS1303-1320 Close Tolerance Hex Head Bolt
NAS1351-1352 Hex Socket Cap Screw
NAS1431 Continuous Thread Rod
NAS1454 Continuous Threaded Rod
NAS2903-2920 Close Tolerance Hex Head Bolt